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Mother's Day Joy and Pain

Mother's Day doesn't bring happy moments or memories for everyone. For many, it is a sad time with reminders of loss, neglect, mistreatment, and abandonment or the disappointment of childlessness. For others, it is one of the most painful times of the year with more regrets than fond memories. Remember to be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to those with stories that differ from your own. Being a mother, a mother figure, or a woman who genuinely cares for people is worthy of appreciation and celebration too. For those of us who are blessed to have living mothers who raised us lovingly, we have much for which to be thankful. We spend our time getting lost in selecting the perfect card and the "what in the world does mom need" gift, but for those who struggle to get through the day with foreboding thoughts of loss or pain, or emptiness, the world looks very different. It is hardly though anyone could escape it with the commercialization beginning weeks ahead of its approach. And then there is the less than painful, but nonetheless challenging spot of being in the middle of being attentive to your own mom while being sensitive to your own children being attentive to you. Holidays in general (in my opinion) just create stress. Before you call me a Debbie-downer, know that I am grateful for my relationships with my mom and my children, but it still creates the need for lots of energy and making sure I am thoughtful of all parties. No complaints... just navigational challenges.

This year, wherever your story begins, ends, or happens, try kindness and gentleness in moving through the day and weekend. Be generous of spirit when you can and forgiving of yourself and others where you should. Remember, too much sunshine ain't always welcome and rain is often prayed for... under the best circumstances both are a blessing, but there are times when neither is wanted. If you are in the pain of too much rain, hang in there, reach for love, find focus in your favorite things, and know that a new season will soon cast a shadow on these days. May what blesses you most, bless you most today.

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