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Go Get All Your Pots

Angela Bailey Page's new book 'Go Get All Your Pots' focuses on inspiring practical living in a witty and humorous way for those who are multi-talented but struggle with defining define purpose. The book offers comfort and wisdom to its readers, making it the perfect companion for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. Available in paperback and eBook format.

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Questions That Heal, Answers That Free

Angela Bailey Page's book 'Questions That Heal, Answers That Free' is a meditational study focusing on inner-healing that centers on asking oneself insightful questions designed to promote in-depth answers. Answering questions using the 5Ws & How approach provides space for healing and learning, simultaneously opening the heart to honesty and peace. This book and course will be available March 2024.

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The Forgiveness Workshop

The Forgiveness Workshop is a workbook that complements the course by the same name. The workbook delves into issues around why it is so challenging to forgive others and the cost of our on peril for refusing to do so. It includes practical steps for learning how to forgive others by separating the pain from the choice. The workbook will be available at no cost to those who register for the workshop course.

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